The Protective Masks against Coronavirus


As the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread all over the world with over 13 million infected and 500,000 death, it is important for everyone to wear protective masks and keep social distance to prevent further damage from this deadly virus.

However, many people may not realize the importance of proper filtering material to prevent the virus from penetrating the mask - the Melt-Blown Fabric. Some people just use scarf to cover their faces. It won't provide sufficient protection against the Coronavirus. Here is the detailed structure of the a professional protective mask:


The most critical component of a protective mask is the high-density filer, the Melt-Blown Fabric, in the middle layer, which most home-made cloth masks do not have. That's one of the reasons that the infection rate of Covid-19 climbed rapidly even some people are wearing home-made masks. Therefore, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it is better to use the professional protective masks instead of home-made

N95/KN95 Protective Mask

This is the professional protective mask that can filter out 95% of virus in the air. It contains thicker Melt-Blown Fabic than the regular disposable mask. It's the best protection in the public places where there is high traffic or large crowd of people. 


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Your order not only helps you and your family get better protection against Coronavirus, but also helps us bring this urgent message to more people.

Thank you and God Bless!

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