The Natural Remedies for Coronavirus

The Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines on Coronavirus


At the beginning of this Pandemic of Coronavirus, Wuhan City was the epic center of this deadly virus. Tens thousands of people were infected and hundreds of people died everyday during the peak time. Many doctors and healthcare workers were infected as well.

However, there was one hospital in the neighboring Henan Province Tongxu County(河南省通许县)which had ZERO infection for over a thousand doctors, nurses and workers in the hospital, and none of their infected patients turned into serious condition. The secret of their success was that they used the traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines to treat their patients and protect their doctors and nurses from getting infected.

The traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines they used were from the prescriptions written by the legendary Chinese Doctor Zhang Zhongjing(张仲景)eighteen hundred years ago, who was considered as the Master Medical Saint(医圣)in Chinese Medical History.

Dr. Zhang Zhongjing(张仲景)was born in the East Han Dynasty around 150 AD and died around 219 AD. He was living in the period of wars, famines and plagues in Chinese history. Two third of his family group died of plagues, thus he determined to find the cure to save people’s lives from the plague.

Throughout his life, he had cured many diseases, especially flu and plagues, and later he compiled his theory of remedies and the prescriptions he used in the past into a book, “Flu & Diseases Theory(伤寒杂病论)”, which became the Medical Bible for all Chinese doctors in the next eighteen hundred years.

During the SARS Pandemic in 2003, some traditional Chinese medical doctors already successfully cured their SARS patients using traditional Chinese herbal medicines. But after SARS disappeared mysteriously in the summer of 2003, the research stopped and not many people knew about it.

After the Coronavirus broke out and caused many deaths in Wuhan City, some of the top traditional Chinese medical doctors worked together to find the cures for Coronavirus in traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines. Eventually, they successfully developed the new remedies for Coronavirus based upon the prescriptions in Dr. Zhang Zhongjing’s book, “Flu & Diseases Theory”, and achieved great results in curing the patients with Coronavirus.

After Chinese government found out the effectiveness of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in fighting the Coronavirus, they required all hospitals to include traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines in their treatment, and soon the Pandemic of Coronavirus in China was finally under control. One of the Modular Hospitals for Coronavirus in Jiangxia City in Hubei Province used 100% traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines treating their patients and achieved the best result of “Five Zeros” – “Zero Deterioration, Zero Death, Zero Side-effect, Zero Relapse for Recovering Patients and Zero Infection for Healthcare Workers.”

Here are the three recommended prescriptions of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines on Coronavirus, two of them are preventive herbal medicines and one is the curing herbal medicine. They are based upon Dr. Zhang Zhongjing’s prescriptions in his book, “Flu & Disease Theory”, with some modification & improvement.

Two Preventive Herbal Medicines

The Curing Herbal Medicine

These prescriptions are published in Chinese. Since I am not a doctor, I will leave them to medical professionals to translate them into English or any other languages with proper terminologies.

In both SARS Pandemic in 2003 and Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, the traditional Chinese herbal medicines showed better results than the western medicines with no side effect. That’s one of the main reasons that the death rate of Coronavirus in China was much lower than the death rate in the western countries after all Chinese hospitals began to apply traditional Chinese herbal medicines to the treatment of Coronavirus.

Now, it’s time for the Western medical researchers and Chinese medical researchers to work together to find the best solution to defeat the Coronavirus for all humanity in the world, disregarding the political difference.


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